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Urgent and Emergency Care

An emergency involving your dog or cat is likely one of your biggest fears as a pet parent.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, no one is immune to illnesses and accidents.

At Burlingame Family Pet Hospital, our highly trained veterinarians welcome emergencies and are here to provide the quality care your companion needs when they need it most. We provide urgent and emergency care for pets in Burlingame during our regular business hours and will help your pet in their time of need.
24hr intensive care
24hr intensive care

Common Pet Emergencies

Any situation that could negatively impact your pet’s long-term health is an emergency.

When it comes to your dog or cat’s health, it is best to seek immediate veterinary care anytime you suspect something may be seriously wrong. In addition, there are several signs and symptoms of emergencies you should never ignore. If your pet experiences any of the issues listed below, we recommend reaching out to us immediately.

Severe wounds and lacerations

Eye injuries


Injuries sustained in car accidents or fights with other animals

Persistent diarrhea or vomiting

Toxin exposure

Blood in vomit, stool, or urine

Sudden collapse, lameness, or extreme lethargy

Respiratory distress

Ear infections

Painful, bloated abdomen

Please keep in mind that the above list is not exhaustive. If your pet is in distress or discomfort, call us to inquire whether a vet should evaluate them immediately. If your pet needs emergency care outside of our regular business hours, please contact the following local 24/7 emergency hospitals:

Emergency Care and Specialty Providers

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Urgent and Emergency Care for Pets in Burlingame

If your pet is having an emergency, call now.

If your pet needs urgent and emergency care in Burlingame, trust the skilled veterinarians right here at Burlingame Family Pet Hospital. We are proud of our in-house diagnostic laboratory, therapeutics, and prescription medications and will do everything possible to ensure the best possible prognosis for your beloved family member. If your pet is having an emergency, call now.

Burlingame Family Pet Hospital provides urgent and emergency care for dogs and cats in Burlingame, San Mateo, Millbrae, San Bruno, South San Francisco, and the surrounding areas during regular business hours.

Burlingame Family Pet Hospital

Your local veterinarian in Burlingame.

Burlingame Family Pet Hospital

Your local veterinarian in Burlingame.

As a full-service veterinarian, we provide comprehensive care in a clean and welcoming environment.
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